An Elusive Handicorn Spotted Enjoying The Cherry Blossoms In Washington DC

You can count on all kinds of tourists roaming the tidal basin when Washington DC’s cherry blossoms reach peak bloom, but it’s incredibly rare to see the elusive handicorn enjoying the cherry blossoms amongst thousands and thousands of tourists.

Accessibility And Google’s New reCAPTCHA, The “noCAPTCHA”

What is Google’s new reCAPTCHA

Google’s new reCAPTCHA replaces older CAPTCHA models by asking users to check a box instead of looking at a distorted image and filling in the text/numbers. It is a single click solution to the CAPTCHA problem – when it works.

The new reCAPTCHA will fall back to older CAPTCHA models if Google’s “risk analysis engine” thinks you might be a bot.

What it does?

The new reCAPTCHA is a widget utilizing Google’s reCAPTCHA API (version 2.0) in order order to verify people are not bots. It works by passing along the user’s behaviors to Google’s “risk analysis engine” before, during, and after a user checks a box so that Google can determine whether a single-click solution is justified. If not, the user will be presented the traditional reCAPTCHA.

What will it do for you?

It will reduce spam.

reCAPTCHA reports the daily pass and fail stats in an admin console, and will also show how many noCAPTCHAs were rendered per day as well as a site spam index chart.

reCAPTCHA can support users that don’t have JavaScript enabled if the widget is automatically rendered (versus deferring, or explicitly rendering the widget).

It will likely infuriate users using assistive devices.

What are its weaknesses?

Google’s new reCAPTCHA is still being evaluated by the accessibility community and those using assistive devices, so there’s no consensus on its performance. Within the accessibility community there’s not a lot of love for CAPTCHAs, and thus far Google’s new reCAPTCHA has done very little to change this. The following are documented and/or commonly reported problems –

  • regularly falling back to traditional CAPTCHA when using assistive devices
  • keyboard tabbing issues
  • selecting images with a keyboard
  • iframe/title attributes when using JAWS (Firefox/IE)
  • audio challenges and typing into forms
  • implementations can alter

The API key pair is unique to the domains and first-level subdomains, however, I’m not sure how this impact complex, federated “sites”.

How will it benefit you?

For those not using assistive devices, as long as Google doesn’t think the user is a bot, Google’s new reCAPTCHA is simple and elegant, and will likely reduce spam without negatively affecting usability.

For those using assistive devices, Google’s new reCAPTCHA presents the same accessibility issues limiting traditional CAPTCHAS, as well as an additional step (the failed noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA stop).

A Barbie Girl In A Barbie World

This is/was pressed into the middle of a heavily traveled road here in DC (near Florida Ave. and North Capitol St.). While I stopped in the middle of the crosswalk to take the photo, the drivers inside of stopped cars were probably thinking, “What the hell?” Well, at least that’s what I would have thought.

If You’re Into Black Jelly Beans, Watch Out! Sin!

Bag of Jelly Beans Called "The Jelly Bean Prayer"Nutrition Facts - The Jelly Bean Prayer

If you’re into black jelly beans and you’re religious, then you might want to avoid eating these black jelly beans. They are nothing but sweet, sugary sin! Alternatively, if you lean more towards the vampire diet, then the red jelly bean – Jesus’ Blood – might be more up your alley. And gentlemen, stop wasting money on fraudulent products that promise growth. Instead, just eat a few green jelly beans – Growth – and put that saved money into an IRA.

Now, thanks to Scripture Candy, you can have your literal interpretation of the bible and eat it too!

The Political Royalty’s Coat Of Arms

Though decades of technological developments have built up a robust international communications network, don’t be fooled by the nauseating promise of democratic elections in a free society. True, Americans did throw off the British royal yoke of nobility 200+ years ago, but that doesn’t me we *really*  want to stray too far from a uniquely American flavor of nepotism and the oligarchies of yore. I mean, straying too far from nepotism would require utilizing our communications network to explore and communicate rather than confuse and entrench, right? Just look at the front runners for the 2016 Presidential election. The Bush Royal family. The Clinton Royal family. And I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody from the Kennedy Royal family made a surprise run too.

People of the internet, because I realize communicating and assessing communications during a presidential campaign cycle can be difficult, I’ve made this simple guide to help you. Remember, if you don’t see your noble’s coat of arms (see image above), then remember the following –

No matter how logical, erudite, or relevant the information you’re seeing appears, it is in your best interest to assume it is a lie!