Wrapping Your Thoughts In A Digital Cocoon, The Blogosphere In 2015

If you like to write, for whatever the non-commercial reason, chances are you’ve thought about wrapping your thoughts in a digital cocoon of 1’s and 0’s. You more ambitious types might even make an effort to actively “market” your words via social media channels and other informal networking channels.

There are also, of course, the accidental “professional bloggers” and their evil cousins, the more clever, yet infinitely more annoying intentional “professional bloggers”. I don’t begrudge anybody making money via their “personal blog”, which is awesome, I just despise the content marketing and content “strategy” deployed to solicit that cash. It’s annoying. And most of the time it’s neither discrete or clever.

Annoying. That’s the state of the blogosphere. I challenge you to try and find new and interesting personal blogs. And by personal blogs, I mean blogs written by individuals. Not individuals sponsored by company X or individuals primarily looking to market their personal agenda/skills for personal monetary gain. I mean individuals who are practicing undirected and exploratory writing. Where are all those bloggers?

Well, you definitely can’t look to Technorati for any answers. Sometime last year the company pivoted and pirouetted away from its roots as a blog ranking/discovery index tool (remember those State of the Blogosphere reports?) and shifted into full-on consumerism. To quote from their own blog about this change, Technorati writes

With this new website, we hope to shape the conversation of online publishing, specifically around advertising technology and programmatic revenue.

You won’t find our blog claim process or authority index on this new website, as that technology is being redesigned and optimized to help publishers get discovered by advertisers and earn more for their highly-valued content.

Do I use Technorati? No, not since… it’s been a while. But here’s the subtext and my interpretation of Technorati’s decision. Blogging is only viable as a mechanism to advertise and sell products. Your products. A company’s products. Your image. A company’s image. Your network. A company’s network. It doesn’t matter. This is the State of The Blogosphere in 2015.

So, there you have it. The vast majority of “old school blogs” are annoying and trying to sell something. Good luck finding authenticity and consistency. May the force be with you!

Sounds Around #40 – Son Lux

“Change Is Everything” by Son Lux on Bones (2015)

This is catchy and dramatic, but more importantly, the music video is amazing! Even if the lyrics or the music aren’t your thing, you’ll probably appreciate the creativity and effort involved in making a stop-motion music video from pins and string. Yep, that’s it.

Google Shows Us What It Looks Like When People Around The World Are Searching For Ways To Help Nepal

I think this is an awesome example of using big data to illustrate that, every now and then, humanity cares less about a Kardashian or a Swift, and more about things that actually matter. Helping people. Check out this gif.

People around the world are searching for ways to help #Nepal, as shown in this chart of searches for ‘Nepal’ and ‘help’ in various languages in the… – Google – Google+

Source: Google (G+ Post)| People around the world are searching for ways to help #Nepal, as shown in this…

Android Peeps, Send Yourself Notes, Directions, Or Set An Alarm On Your Device(s) From A Search Bar

Here’s a quick tip for you Android people out there. From any google search bar (assuming your devices are linked and you’re properly set up), you can now type –

  1. “note to self [insert note]”
  2. “send a note [insert note]”
  3. “send directions [insert destination]”
  4. “set an alarm [insert time]”

… and then choose which device should receive the action. Pretty cool, huh?

Every minute after you clock out of the office counts. Next time you run errands after work, push directions from your computer to your Android phone and… – Google – Google+

Source: Google (G+ Page) – Every minute after you clock out of the office counts. Next time you run…

Periodic Table And Foosball Table, A Peep Interpretation

True, the WaPo has a really, really big Peep diorama contest every year, but for some reason I’ve never spent much time looking for Peep dioramas elsewhere. Until today.

The internet is a black hole where something strange happens to time. And occasionally – often – you find really cool stuff. Like these Peep projects.

Source: Happy Peepster 2015!