I Saw A Woman Running Through The Woods With A Bag Of Dog Poo

In November I moved to a new neighborhood, and while I really like many things about my old hood, Eckington, let’s be real – the Woodley Park area is a completely different world. For example, in Eckington, somebody actually dropped a deuce next to my door because the neighbor’s window ledge jutted out at just the right height and angle for somebody to inconspicuously lean back, smoke a cigarette and drop a deuce. In contrast, here in Woodley Park, for the first time ever, I saw a woman running through the woods (one of the trails in the area) with a bag of dog poo. In case you’re curious, yes, the dog was trotting along side her.

I’m still baffled.

Over the years I’ve run a lot of miles, but during my fifteen years or so of running, I’ve never witnessed a human being running around – anywhere – with a bag of poo. Seriously, I hope you’re as baffled as I am, because I’m not sure whether I should revel in the humor and absurdity of witnessing a human being running around the woods with a bag of excrement, or if I should go seek enlightenment in an ashram far, far away because I’m not nearly as conscientious as this woman?

Of course, maybe I’m just new to the neighborhood.